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Protected: Practice Tracks for October Band Reunion

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McCartney’s ‘A World Without Love’ (w/ Corrected Lyric)

Record Label
As posted yesterday, I recorded this tune using an incorrect lyric grabbed off the web. Well, you just don’t do that to a Paul McCartney tune! Press the play button below to hear our take of ‘A World Without Love’.

Ya Can’t Trust Lyrics on the Net!

Was working up a tune for The Montereys and grabbed an erroneous lyric off a music web site. I suspected that the word-in-question was ‘know’, but, alas, the lyric read, ‘lose’. So that’s how I recorded it! Now, I discover (in his own handwriting) that Paul McCartney wrote, ‘know’!!! And that makes much more sense. Push the play button, below, to hear our version.

McCartney  Refrain

Join Us on October 4, 2014!!!

Calling all members of the Reynoldsburg High School Class of 1969. Our 45th class reunion is October 3 & 4, 2014. Let’s all reacquaint, reminisce and rock!

Mick Photo
‘Honky Tonk Women’ by The Montereys: Press the play button, below:

Let’s Party with The Montereys!!!

Lets PartyAll four members of our old band have agreed to reassemble at the Reynoldsburg High School Class of 1969 45th Reunion this Fall. We intend to rock the walls down with all our friends! Dan, Bruce, Steve and John are busy, busy, busy putting together a collection of songs that are sure to get your ‘dance juices’ flowing. Here’s a sneak peek:

Press the ‘PLAY’ button below:
‘Right-Click’ on this link to download to your PC or MP3 Player: Do You Love Me

Little Black Egg

The Montereys are (L to R); Steve Keller, Bruce Bryant, Dan Moore, John McCann

The Montereys are (L to R); Steve Keller, Bruce Bryant, Dan Moore, John McCann

This tune only reached #85 on the national record charts in 1965 but – for whatever reason – it became an instant staple for local garage bands. In fact, I can’t recall a local band that *didn’t* have ‘Little Black Egg’ in their setlist.
Here’s my rendition recorded at home:

The original version, recorded by The Nightcrawlers, is on YouTube here:

Tuning the Filipino Banduria

Here’s a short & simple tuning reference for the 14 string Filipino Banduria.