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AKAI Headrush Loop Pedal

AKAI Headrush E2

AKAI Headrush E2

I was channel surfing early this year and stumbled across an installment of “From The Artist’s Den” on Ovation TV. It’s a one-hour music performance program and this particular episode featured Scottish pop singer songwriter, KT Tunstall. After that hour, I was hooked, bigtime. Such a refreshing talent and performer.

KT (actual name, ‘Kate’) had hung out with Scottish folk musicians and coffee house singers/writers for a full 10 years before hitting it big during a performance on the British TV program, “Later With Jools Holland”. She performed a live version of her soon-to-be hit, Black Horse and The Cherry Tree. Her live performance gear includes a loop/sampler pedal, an AKAI Headrush E2.

The YouTube video, below, is just one of a number of performances of Black Horse and The Cherry Tree on YouTube. I chose it because it best illustrates what the loop pedal does and how it’s operated. Pay close attention and you’ll note that KT loops (and then overdubs) 2, four-beat music measures. You can beat-count along with her as she builds up the backing rhythm: 1 (simultaneously depressing the record button on the count of ‘one’), 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1 (simultaneously pressing the stop recording button on count of ‘one’).

Some loop snippets to listen to. To my ear, a loop built by real instruments (guitar percussives and muted scratchings, tambourine, triangle, hand claps etc.) and vocal ornaments has a more organic/authentic feel when compared to a rhythm created with a computerized drum machine. Just an opinion.