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O.C. Bandilla banduria

Here’s a second Filipino banduria… this one’s from Manila. Palochina top, rosewood back and sides. Bright sounding with very good projection.
I contacted Ollie Bandilla via Facebook. I believe she is the builder’s daughter. Good communication and good service. The banduria was well-packaged and arrived in 2 1/2 weeks (Manila to Ohio USA). Great price, great value. Couldn’t be more pleased.


My $100 Ebay Find- Hohner OSC Electric

The Hohner Company of Germany is famous for its harmonicas and accordions. Over the years, it has ‘dabbled’ in the marketing of guitars- both electric and acoustic. Asian in origin, Hohner guitars have run the quality gamut from ‘not-so-good’ to ‘unappreciated gems’. The Hohner model OSC is a Chinese-made guitar that attempts to combine features from 2 classic Fender electrics- the Stratocaster and the Telecaster. And it does a pretty good job of it.  The guitar has 3, good sounding single-coil pickups. a top-bound solid ash body and a nice, fat maple neck. I would rate fit-and-finish as ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’. The model OSC no longer appears in Hohner literature or on its web site leading me to believe that it was a short-lived offering (as many Hohner models have been). The little cherry red guitar you see pictured was an Ebay find. Opening bid was just $100.00 US! So I bid $100.00 and assumed my bid would be bettered long before auction’s end. Well, it wasn’t! And I became the proud owner of this versatile, easy-playing, great sounding ‘rock-n-roll’ electric.

A Great Old Sound- Rickenbacker 12 String

Rickenbacker 330 12 String

Rickenbacker 330 12 String

In February of 1964, The Beatles arrived in New York for their 1st appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Beatlemania was coming to America. Across the country, in Santa Ana, California, F.C. Hall, president of Rickenbacker guitars, was getting on an airplane bound for New York. He had heard reports about The Beatles and was aware that one member of the group, John Lennon, played a Rickenbacker guitar. Mr. Hall, an astute businessman, recognized the potential for enormous additional exposure for his products. He flew to New York with 3 guitars: an updated version of the little black Rickenbacker played by Lennon, a lefthanded Rickenbacker bass guitar intended for Paul McCartney and (drum roll) one of the company’s newest instruments, an electric 12 string guitar intended for George Harrison. Mr. Hall’s trip went very well. He met The Beatles, presented the 3 guitars as gifts and flew back to Southern California.
That Summer, The Beatles first film, A Hard Day’s Night, premiered. From the opening notes of the title song, a lush, chiming tone rang out from George’s new Rickenbacker 12 string and that new and unique sound was very much ‘up front’ on many of the songs performed in the film.
Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, a transplanted folksinger from New York, Jim (later Roger) McGuinn, was assembling a rock and roll band to capitalize on the music boom created by Beatlemania. He attended a screening of A Hard Day’s Night and was very impressed with the new guitar sound he heard. He recognized the instrument as an electric 12 string.
McGuinn soon located a Rickenbacker 12 string in a Los Angeles music store and traded in his Gibson guitar and his banjo in order to make the purchase. He and his bandmates named their fledgling group, The Byrds, and at the center of their sound– eventually dubbed, ‘folk-rock’– was the Rickenbacker electric 12 string.

Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500R

Ephiphone Masterbilt

Ephiphone Masterbilt

What a great time to be playing guitar! Such a variety of affordable, quality instruments from which to choose. At left is a photo of my Epiphone Masterbilt guitar. Model AJ500R. These guitars are made in China. I believe Epiphone’s claim that manufacturing is highly supervised by the company. This particular model has a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The body style is the traditional Gibson ‘Advanced Jumbo’ and is the size of a dreadnought guitar, but has more rounded ‘shoulders’. I shopped long and hard this past Summer for a good acoustic guitar. After viewing the Epiphone video (below), I found this guitar locally and have been very pleased with it. Check out the video for some serious Nashville pickers doing what they do> Epiphone Masterbilt Video

Other models in this Epiphone line have mahogany backs and sides. There is an auditorium size guitar as well as a nylon string classical model. Great guitars at a good price.